Coolhome – Home tinting Gold Coast

Coolhome – Home tinting Gold Coast

Why is tinting your windows beneficial to you and your home?

Cooltint home window tint products are of the highest quality with many shades to choose from all offering up to 84% heat, 94% glare and 99% UV protection.

Tinting your home minimises sun damage to furnishings, carpets and flooring and also reduces the heat build-up in the summer months which makes your home feel more comfortable even on the hottest days and provides the UV protection necessary to reduce skin damage.

Having a variety of window tints and decorative films also ensures Cooltint is able to provide a solution that will solve your requirements and to ensure the tint/film suits with your decorating style. Why not contact Cooltint Home Tinting Gold Coast offices today for a quotation

Do you want a long lasting result?

Cooltint give you peace of mind your home will have window tinting made to last. Your windows will provide you with essential protection, energy savings and privacy for many years to come. Why not think about a CoolPool,  a CoolCar and CoolOffice services too!

Contact us today to discuss your home tint requirements!